Estate Planning

Practical and personalized plans for your peace of mind. 

The right estate plan celebrates your life and your legacy. The process is about honoring your stories and memories and not just about charts and plans. It's about the people you love, creating a sense of security for them in times of transition and change and taking care of the details so they don't have to. 

Estate Planning can have a lasting effect on you and your family by providing a clear succession plan for the management and distribution of your assets during life and in death. 


Through our work together, I will help you:

Support Life: 

  • Create a personalized plan of action

  • Provide support to your primary people

  • Select the right person to take care of your love ones

  • Empower you to navigate the red tape with the right tools (Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Advance Directives, Appointment Health Care Representatives, HIPAA & more)

Honor Death:

  • Creatively memorialize your legacy

  • Give back to the communities that matter most

  • Guide the celebrations of your life

  • Empower your love ones to navigate the red tape with the right tools (probate proceedings, trust administrations, tax filings & more)

As a nurse, I have frequently referred other medical professionals to Marisol. Those who have utilized her services have reported back to me how pleased they are with her legal services, her integrity and her thoroughness.
— Denise Samuelson, R.N.

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